Thursday 19 June 2007, is the day that has changed my life forever: I attended the Wembley concert of my long time idol: The Prince of Darkness himself: Ozzy Osbourne. Strangely, I have been waiting for this for 15 years. From that day, from a simple fan I became an avid collector.
I quote J.C. Desgroux about becoming an Ozzy Osbourne collector in his Madman Biography “Du cauchemar a la realite”: “Becoming an Ozzy collector is definitively a never ending quest; It is as much as a passionate and frustrating as a highly costing hobby: There is so much to collect: LPs, 7”s, 12”s, Picture discs, CDs, MaxiCDs, (all the latter declined into ) Promos; Japan , North & South American Pressings, bootlegs, Posters, Memorabilia.
This site is meant for the Crazy Ozzy Osbourne collectors. In my search on the Web, I couldn’t find any really complete discography of the Madman , so instead of cursing the darkness, I decided to light a candle. So, here it is…. well it was until I develop the initial project into a vast collection of data, photos, stubs, poster,, you name it!!!

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