Backstage passes

A Tour Laminate is a paper type insert that is laminated in a 10ml plastic pouch with a slot on top to hang from a lanyard around your neck to display as a concert security credential. The Tour Laminate is a backstage pass typically issued to crew, entourage, band, family, friends, VIP’s, and management to gain access backstage. A Satin Backstage Pass also known as a sticky backstage pass is printed on a piece of adhesive cloth satin material. The backing is pealed off the backstage pass and then applied to your clothing. The Satin Back Stage Pass is used as a “one day” security credential to gain access backstage at a venue. The Satin Backstage Pass can have a date stamped or hand written on the front of the satin and is used to track each pass. A Backstage Pass Press Sheet displays Satin Backstage Passes, Tour Laminates and Laminates prior to being cut into various shapes to be boxed for use by the Artist/Band. Once the printer designs the backstage passes, the printer will print the authentic backstage passes on a large piece of satin material or paper stock. Foils of different types are typically used to help prevent pass re-production and counterfeiters. After the Backstage Pass Press Sheet has been printed, a dye cut is used to cut the different shapes & sizes of the passes. Once the backstage passes have been cut, they are counted and usually bundled/banded into stacks of 100 then shipped to the artist’s management. These Concert Press Sheets are truly a one of a kind piece of rock n’ roll history and can be found no where.

Blizzard of Ozz tour
Diary of a Madman tour
Speak of the Devil Tour
    • Bark at the Moon Tour
    the Ultimate Sin Tour
No rest for the wicked tour

    Theatre of Madness tour
    No More Tours tour
    Retirement sucks tour
    ozzfest 1996
    ozzfest 1997
    Ozzfest 1998
    Black Sabbath reunion '98'99
    Ozzfest 1999
    ozzfest 2000
    Ozzfest 2001
    Merry Mayhem tour

    Far east tour 2002 - North america 2002 - Summer festival tour 2002
    Ozzfest 2002
    2003 North America
    Ozzfest 2003
    Ozzfest 2004
    Europe tour 2005 Black Sabbath
    Ozzfest 2005
    Ozzfest 2006
    Black rain tour
    Ozzfest 2007
    Scream tour 2010-11
    Ozzfest 2010
    Ozzy & friends
    13 tour

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