Ozzfest 2015 set list


Here is the setlist for yesterday concert at OZZFEST Japan

01.I Don’t Know
02.Mr. Crowley (with Tom Morello)
03.Bark At The Moon (with Tom Morello)
04.Suicide Solution
05.Flying High Again
06.Shot In The Dark
07.Rat Salad ~ inc Guitar and Drum Solo
08.Iron Man (with Tom Morello & Geezer Butler)
09.N.I.B (with Tom Morello & Geezer Butler)
10.Snowblind (with Geezer Butler)
11.Behind The Wall Of Sleep (with Geezer Butler)
12.War Pigs (with Dave Navarro & Geezer Butler)
13.Fairies Wear Boots (with Dave Navarro & Geezer Butler)
14.I Don’t Want To Change The World (with Zakk Wylde)
15.Crazy Train (with Zakk Wylde)
E1.Mama, I’m Coming Home (with Zakk Wylde)
E2.Paranoid (with Zakk Wylde & Dave Navarro & Tom Morello & Geezer Butler)

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