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Black Sabbath Rocks Brisbane

HEAVY metal originals Black Sabbath opened their Australian tour at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre tonight amid a sea of black T-shirts and a heightened sense of expectation.
Not only have some of their fans been waiting for close to 40 years to see another Black Sabbath tour in Australia featuring founder members Ozzy Osbourne, guitarist Tony Iommi and bassist Geezer Butler, there is a new Rick Rubin-produced album ready for release in June.
On top of that, there is speculation about how Osbourne will cope with a return to the stage after his well-publicised falling off the wagon and climbing back on again.
Guitarist Iommi, whose trademark riffs are one of the founding pillars of heavy metal, is still recovering from lymphoma cancer.
Osbourne’s life might have become the stuff of soap opera thanks to his dalliance with reality television, but this return to the fray was a forceful reminder that he and his old chums can still take on all comers in the metal department.
Those classic early albums make up the bulk of the set, although they pull one or two from all over the place. ‘Snowblind’ from Black Sabbath Vol. 4 (“Here’s a song about something we don’t do anymore because we’re too fucking old!”) gets an outing, and so do two new songs from 13. Both fit seamlessly alongside the classics, even though Ozzy briefly forgets the name of the second one.
‘Fairies Wear Boots’ sounds ridiculously heavy, everything crashing together like pealing church bells. Ozzy takes a deserved break after that for an instrumental version of ‘Symptom of the Universe’. Nice as it would have been to have original drummer Bill Ward be part of this line-up, having a younger man on the team comes in handy when he plays a lengthy drum solo so the older men can finish off a cup of tea backstage. The crowd are into it, shouting every time Clufetos raises his sticks as if he’s finished before bringing them back down for another bash.
The full band return for ‘Iron Man’, which is obviously loved, but so are lesser numbers like ‘Dirty Women’. Somebody even throws a bra on stage during that one, which Ozzy gleefully puts on, first on his chest and then wrapped around his head like Princess Leia’s buns. When he says “I want to see ’em!” again I’m pretty sure he’s still talking about our hands in the air, but one lady in the crowd gets her breasts out anyway.
They save ‘Paranoid’ for the encore because of course they bloody do, and it’s amazing because of course it bloody is.

Black Sabbath Brisbane set list

War Pigs
Into the Void
Under the Sun
Electric Funeral
Black Sabbath
Behind the Wall of Sleep
End of the Beginning
Fairies Wear Boots
Symptom of the Universe
Drum Solo
Iron Man
God Is Dead?
Dirty Women
Children of the Grave
(“Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” intro)


Article courtesy of Noel Mengel – The Courier-Mail / Jody McGregor –

Photo courtesy of Rickford

Ozzy Interviewed on Triple M

Australian radio Triple M’s Lee Simon caught up with Ozzy for an interview ahead of his Australian tour with Black Sabbath. During the interview Ozzy talks frankly about being sober again after his recent ‘major slip’ back into drugs and alcohol, Tony Iommi’s battle with cancer and his pride of Black Sabbath’s new album ’13’.