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Memoirs Of A Madman – update

album_10_3904_1109_2222An email blast was sent to subscribers today giving a bit more details about different format / packages:

“Memoirs Of A Madman audio and video collections celebrate the legacy of Ozzy Osbourne!
This October, the career of rock icon OZZY OSBOURNE will be celebrated with the Memoirs Of A Madman collections.

Due out October 7, MEMOIRS OF A MADMAN (CD) serves as a career spanning audio release, featuring 17 of OZZY’s greatest hit singles compiled in one place for the first time in his career and will be available in a single CD, two-LP set and two-LP picture disc set configurations. Pre-order now available at Amazon.

The MEMOIRS OF A MADMAN (DVD) is a definitive visual two-disc DVD set which includes classic music videos, along with unreleased and out-of-print live performances, plus interviews from his solo career. Both sets offer fans of the multi-platinum recording artist, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee and three-time Grammy® winning singer and songwriter hours of entertainment from OZZY’s distinguished solo career. Pre-order also available at Amazon.

In addition, an exclusive AUTOGRAPHED limited edition fan bundle will be available. This includes an autographed poster, 2 DVD set, CD, 2 LP picture disc vinyl, along with a “Creative Allies” fan designed poster, which will feature an image personally chosen by OZZY.”

Memoirs of a Madman

Following the Unscramble Ozzy’s New Cover Art appeal of yesterday, Legacy has unveiled the new covert art of a new compilation album called “Memoirs of a Madman”. This will be an audio and video collection to celebrate the “legacy” of Ozzy. Format announced Single CD, two DVD set, 180g double vinyl and limited edition picture disc vinyl due out October 7th of Epic Records/Legacy Recordings. Pre order at Amazon available already.

Ozzfest 2006

Here s a nice set of photo I found yesterday. These were shot at the San Antonio Ozzfest Main stage. Ozzy healined the 2006 festival with Lamb of God, Static-X, Lordi as well as Black Tide. It is great to see Zack Wylde shredding some pentatonics on his guitar.

This week and last week in Kerrang!

2 short Ozzy interviews with Ozzy were published in this week and last week issue of Kerrang mag. They were both part of special feature: 50 greatest rock star & Rock Confession. Check out in the forthcoming days… I will (re) publish each of them.
K1515_cover   slashkerrangmagazineapril2014-620

Never F$£ck with Mama O.

Never F with Sharon O!!!

Never F with Sharon O!!!

Sara Bareilles refuses to become mired in drama. The ‘Brave’ singer has fired her manager Jordan Feldstein, the older brother of actor Jonah Hill, after he engaged in a fight with Sharon Osbourne at a pre-Grammy fete. The matriarch was so incensed that she threw a plate of food at Feldstein.


The following day, Bareilles gave her manager the boot. Feldstein is not pictured in the photo above, where Mama O. is clearly heated.

Feldstein’s roster includes the multi-platinum likes of Robin Thicke and Maroon 5. He found himself in the headlines for his quickie marriage to Clint Eastwood’s daughter Francesca, which was on its way to being annulled.

So WTF happened to set Sharon off and to cause Sara to axe him?

He and Sharon O. battled at Clive Davis’ party (Jan. 25) at the Beverly Hilton.
He was first seen engaged in an argument with Kelly Osbourne in the ballroom. Kelly then stormed away from his table and Sharon picked up where Kelly left off.
A witness told The Hollywood Reporter that “Sharon walked up to him pointing her finger and screaming.” The exchange escalated and Osbourne threw food in his lap and poured water over his head. Bareilles was seated nearby, as was Taylor Swift.

What caused the fight? Apparently, Feldstein made comments about Sharon’s son Jack and his wife. The exact nature of those comments remains a mystery, but they were apparently unsavory enough to get Kelly and Sharon going and ultimately lead to his dismissal by a cred client. We don’t know Feldstein’s side of the story yet, but things had to be pretty bad all around to cause food to be thrown and a client to fire him.

Black Sabbath Secret 7″

age of reason

My take on the Age of reason cover

Black Sabbath is teaming up with Secret 7″ to release 100 copies of an “Age Of Reason” seven-inch single in aid of War Child, a family of independent humanitarian organizations which work together to help children and young people affected by armed conflict.

Secret 7″ takes 7 tracks from 7 of the best-known musicians around and press each one 100 times to 7″ vinyl. They then invite creatives from around the world to interpret the tracks in their own style, resulting in a one-of-a-kind sleeve for every 7”. The creatives are made up of famous names through to gems we unearth through artwork submitted to us here on our website.

This year, 700 sleeves will be exhibited Downstairs At Mother in London on 12 & 13th April, then on Record Store Day you can get your hands on one, or more, for £45 a piece. You don’t know who created the sleeve, or even which song it’s for until you have parted with your cash – the secret lies within.

This is my take on the cover. post yours in the comments!!!!