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Ozzy Meets Zombie

pdf2000-282_page1_image1Added this week to the largest online press cutting and articles collection, two full articles from different eras.  In January 2002 Revolver mag caught up with Ozzy and Zombie on the Merry Mayhem tour.  They answer the same questions and prove they are real Monsters of Rock.

I also got and scanned an interview published in the Sun entertainement mag “something for the weekend” back in December last year (2013). Ozzy is quizzed about the Black Sabbath reunion, Tony Iommy battle with cancer, and how does it feels to come from “rags to riches”.

If you have any article not yet in the collection contact me

Ozzy & Sharon on latest Hello! cover

Xmas Osbourne style

Outgoing X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne has told how she and husband Ozzy tried marriage counselling to get their relationship back on track – but gave up because it made him angry.
The couple hit a bad patch this year after Black Sabbath star Ozzy returned to his boozy ways and the couple temporarily separated.
But Sharon – who is leaving The X Factor after her one-series return – told Hello! magazine that it was the strength of her family that helped them after the counselling proved futile.
‘It has been the most incredible life-changing experience for her, which is what The X Factor is really about.’
On Sunday night, Sam was crowned this year’s winner of The X Factor ahead of 17-year-old Scot Nicholas MacDonald.
That made it especially poignant for Sharon who left the show a winner, having championed Sam and her incredible voice throughout the contest.
Sam’s single Skyscraper is released on Monday and expected to be a charttopper.
Sharon told the magazine the couple would be spending their first Christmas at their Buckinghamshire mansion for six years.
She also said that the couple are looking forward to “locking the doors and lighting the fires”.
She added: “But the best thing is, this Christmas Ozzy will be 10 months sober, which is fantastic.”

Article Courtsey of Daily Mail ~ Picture courtsey of Hello!” mag