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Bueno Aires 2015

Here is a very large selection of photos taken during the Monster of Rock 2015 stop in Argentina.
Credit: Guido Adler – Victor Guagnini – – Tomás Correa Arce –
Jorx Martínez ~ El Bondi – Diego Pintos / Infoview

After the Alamo

Ozzy and his manager, Sharon Arden at that time, leave the Bexar County Adult Detention Center on Feb. 19, 1982, after he was arrested for urinating on the Alamo Cenotaph.


Ozzy is God

This picture is one of my favorite of this era. It was shot at the Port Vale Metal Holocost Festival a one day, one off festival. the band was flown in by Concorde back to UK while on tour in North America to fill for Black Sabbath. The latter had cancelled the show, leaving the (almost) headline slot for the blizzard of Ozz. It is great to see Randy pedal board “in action” and his polka dot guitar.